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Esme W

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April 8th

1) Sychronize your bow changes with your fingers (ensure your fingers get down right away with pressure applied to the string)
2) Play all spiccato LOUDLY for right now to get good tone! Control the speed between each of spiccato notes.
Ensure that the bow makes good solid connection with the strings for a beautiful full tone!

1) Vibrato 2nd finger only WITH METRONOME at 80bpm on QUARTER NOTES
     THEN eighth notes at 80bpm


1) Vibrato Exercises - 

     a) On HALF NOTES ONLY at 60 on a metronome start the finger up and then

          make it faint down over and over again!

     b) Slightly point the elbow toward the belly button so the hand is on the side of the



2) Jelly Fish -

       a) Pretent you're holding your viola and jelly fish across it. Keeping wrist

           pointed toward the viola sideways.

       b) Work on holding your bow hold with CURLY fingers!


3) For all DSA songs please do the following:

     -Write in all your counting

     -Clap very slowly with the metronome and then get faster and faster

     -Pizzicato all the notes until they come VERY easy to you

     -Pizzicato with the metronome and count in your head while playing the notes

     -Then start bowing very slowing WITH OUT the metronome

     -Bow with the metronome


4) Scales & Arpeggios (Quarter, Eighth & 4 Notes Slurs) - metronome at

    C-Scale (no sharps)- 2 Octaves                      C-Arpeggio (C, E, G)

    G-Scale (F#) - 1 Octaves                                G-Arpeggio (G, B, D)

    D-Scale (F#, C#) 2 Octave                              D-Arpeggio (D, F#, A)

    A-Scale (F#, C#, G#) 2 Octave                        A-Arpeggio (D, F#, A)



    C minor-Scale (Bb, Eb, Ab) - 3 Octaves        C  minor-Arpeggio (C, Eb, G)

    F Major-Scale (Bb) - 1 Octave                       F-Arpeggio (F, A, C)

    D minor-Scale (Bb) - 2 Octaves                      D minor-Arpeggio (F, A, C)




5) Muller Rusch - Lesson 32 & 35


6) Solos & Etudes - pg. 8


7) Theory - pg. 30


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