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Thank you for your interest in music lessons with Colorado Music Lessons. I am very excited to help and assist you in achieving your musical goals. I personally have dedicated my life to the understanding, performing and teaching of music. I have made it my full-time career. As such, I must uphold certain studio policies in order to keep the studio running efficiently to aid you and my other students. I know you will find that these policies are fairly standard in the private music teaching industry.


Attendance Policy


Cancellations - Lessons with Colorado Music Lessons take place on a weekly basis. If you are unable to attend a lesson, I require at least 24 hours advance notice or there will be a charge for the lesson. The only exceptions are for weather and bereavement. Illness is not an excuse for late cancellations. This policy allows other students the opportunity to reschedule if they need to. (For example: Lesson is Tuesday at 5PM, notification must be given no later than 5PM on Monday.) *Cancellations should only be given by phone and NOT through email.


Credits/Refunds - When you DO give me 24 hours advance notice, you will be offered a refund or a credit to be issued for a future lesson. Therefore your money is not lost. You are also not charged if I ever cancel the lesson.


Extended Absences & Chronic cancellations – If you are gone for an extended period of time for more than 2 weeks in a row or lessons are being chronically cancelled (no more than 10 in a year, 5 in a half year, etc), your time slot may be released to another student. However other arrangements can be discussed and approved with me if you have a special situation and still wish to take lessons. (i.e. payment for additional weeks missed beyond 2 weeks or dealing with the need to cancel often due to work, etc…) *When taking music lessons, payments are not only made for being taught but, payments are also made for a holding and reserving a time slot.


Stopping Lessons - If the decision is to stop lessons altogether, a 2 week advance notice is required. If less than 2 weeks notice is given, the student will be required to pay the balance. There are no refunds for abrupt termination of lessons.



There will be NO lessons on the following holidays or dates:

    • 03/31 - Easter
    • 05/12 - Mother's Day (12-4PM only)
    • 06/16 - Father's Day (12-4PM only)
    • 07/04 - 4th of July
    • 11/28 - Thanksgiving
    • 11/29 – Day after Thanksgiving

    • 12/24 - Christmas Eve

    • 12/25 – Christmas


During the month of December I work for a Christmas performing company so there will be cancellations. I always try and reschedule lessons if possible but keep in mind that this is not always possible. I just ask for your patience during this month while we balance your lesson time.


Payment Policy

Payments are due the 1st lesson of the month at your scheduled lesson time. Even if one or more weeks for the month was already paid for ahead of time or a credit was issued, the rest of the month is still due the 1st lesson of the month.

*Emails will be sent out the last day of the month to provide a reminder.


Preferred method of payment is cash or check made payable to Bianca Herbert or Colorado Music Lessons.

*There will be a $25.00 service charge reimbursement fee for all bounced checks.


Class Procedure

Please be on time for your lesson but PLEASE don't come in or ring the bell early. My goal is to give my students their full lesson without distractions. Please knock on the door when it's your lesson time. Lessons will end on time even if a student arrives late for the lesson.

*I encourage my students to check their cell phones for accurate & precise time as cell phones typically connect to towers that are updated by the atomic clock in Boulder.

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