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Welcome to Colorado Music Lessons!


A studio serving the Denver metro area where private lessons are offered for anyone who wants to learn music. Where teachers offer lessons in piano, violin, viola, cello and theory! It is shown that students who take private lessons often improve rapidly and develop confidence quickly with intensive, individual instruction. Students of all ages are taught here at Colorado Music Lessons. The teacher specifically works with the student to choose materials and methods that are geared to the age and learning style of the student being taught to provide a very comfortable atmosphere.


Creativity and exposure to all forms of music are encouraged. It helps to develop the skills to be versatile and help direct the student to his or her music strengths as they are identified. Music theory is taught to all students since it is the foundation for all music as we know it today. Not only are the basics of music taught but exposure to various musical genres such as classical, jazz, pop, musical theater and more.....


So what interests you? Check us out!





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Colorado Music Lessons is serving the Denver Metro Area including

Aurora, Centennial, Denver, Glendale, Englewood, and Parker.


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